Burnt Team
March 6th
  • Xion

Burnt Banksy Returns

Igniting The Way Towards Mainstream Adoption Through The XION Blockchain

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3 years ago, I burnt a Banksy.
For many, this event was their first encounter with the world of NFTs and Web3.
The visions of Web3 came with the promise of a new era for artists and creators.
The promise of a retribution of power.
The promise of redefining ownership.
But, what was the result?
The industry has been trapped in an echo chamber.
An echo chamber where only the highly technical have access, where fraud runs rampant, and benefits are obscured by complexities.
We saw this firsthand, and we vowed to change the status quo.
With XION, we’ve been rebuilding broken systems of ownership.
Our belief is that Web3 should be accessible by everyone, everywhere.
Today, you witness the next chapter in our collective journey. And, for the industry.

Burnt Banksy

In a fiery display, Burnt Banksy announces the upcoming launch of XION’s mainnet, the first blockchain purpose-built for mainstream adoption. Burnt Banksy previously gained international attention by burning an authentic Banksy piece and creating an NFT, as featured by CBS News, BBC News, and others.

The announcement was made as part of Burnt's exclusive performance in New York, during which the founder lit himself on fire, walked down a path, and subsequently set XION aflame. Symbolically, he both ignited the way towards mainstream adoption, and signified a rebirth for the crypto industry.

The Web3 industry still faces adoption challenges, as it often overwhelms new users with complex onboarding, unfamiliar interactions, transaction friction, technical jargon, and more. XION’s Generalized Abstraction is an all-encompassing infrastructure solution aimed at removing all these inherent complexities. Its foundation is built upon the seamless integration of complex blockchain functionalities – such as accounts, signatures, fees, and interoperability – directly at the protocol level. In doing so, XION eliminates significant barriers to entry for new users, while circumventing fragmentation challenges that developers encounter in other ecosystems. 

Through its Meta Accounts, XION enables users to easily onboard to apps built on its chain using familiar Web2 methods such as email or biometrics. In addition, these accounts enable powerful functionalities such as seamless cross-device usage, key rotation, multi-factor authentication, and account recovery. These functionalities combine seamlessly with XION’s parameterized fee layer, which removes the concept of gas fees from the end user’s perspective. 

XION is also the first blockchain to integrate USDC – a fully-reserved digital dollar – across the infrastructure stack, providing familiar consumer pricing. Additionally, through abstracted interoperability, XION’s Meta Account functionality is extended to encompass all connected ecosystems, enhancing cross-chain user experiences significantly. With funding from leading investors such as Animoca, Circle Ventures, Multicoin, HashKey, and supported by an ecosystem of over 100 integrations, deployments and partners, XION is the first blockchain enabling developers to build, launch, and scale consumer-ready Web3 products from the ground up. 

"XION represents our commitment to the original ideals of crypto and blockchain. In an industry cluttered with high barriers to entry, XION paves the way for true democratization by making Web3 accessible to everyone, everywhere”, says Burnt Banksy, CEO of Burnt. “XION’s launch is both a technological feat and a cultural movement – a call for transparency, accessibility, and empowerment. We're truly igniting the way towards making crypto for everyone."

Recently, XION launched its Generalized Abstraction Testnet — demonstrating significant usage and adoption with the creation of more than 1M Meta Accounts, the smooth processing of over 12M transactions, and a proliferation of application launches. Its success has been a true testament to the blockchain's robustness and exploding ecosystem, validating its groundbreaking capabilities ahead of the mainnet launch.