Burnt Team
June 6th
  • Xion

Gain Early Access to XION’s Public Testnet

We are thrilled to announce the Early Access Pass to the upcoming XION Public Testnet!

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Xion Public Testnet Announcement.

The launch of the XION Public Testnet will mark another important milestone on the road to successfully launching the XION Mainnet, and you have a chance to be one of the very first to engage with it. You can earn an Early Access Pass by completing all the current tasks in the XION Expedition and then claiming your Guild roles. Act fast before the eligibility period is over!

Brief Recap

Burnt is building XION, the first blockchain purpose-built for consumer adoption. Our mission is to rebuild broken systems of ownership and remove the technical crypto barriers for consumers. We believe in making Web3 technology more accessible and inclusive for everyone, in order to onboard the biggest wave of consumer adoption to date.

In order to achieve this vision, XION is built on four key pillars:

Frictionless: Specially architected to remove technical barriers so developers of all backgrounds can focus on real-time opportunities, novel use- cases, and creative applications of Web3 for a variety of retail-users.

Modular: Its consumer-ready toolkit will include seamless on-and-off ramping, credit card purchasing, safe account abstraction, mobile support, NFC integrations, infrastructure specialization, and more.

Permissioned: XION’s walled-garden approach ensures that premium, trusted participants will foster a bespoke ecosystem that is consistently tailored to meet the needs of real world retail-users.

Reciprocal: XION-based projects will continuously benefit from the network effects of all products we build, creating exponential value across the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Given our focus on creating widespread change, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of the cooperative angle, as it aligns with our mission to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future. Therefore, our focus will be on leveraging Web3 to address communal needs, fostering a sense of shared ownership and collaboration. By prioritizing the collective good over individual profit, we aim to empower communities, strengthen bonds, and drive meaningful change.

XION Public Testnet

We previously announced our significant milestone of standing up the XION Testnet and onboarding our first validators to the network. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Early Access Pass which will provide holders exclusive first access to the upcoming XION Public Testnet.

What is the purpose of the XION Public Testnet? Through your varied interactions and completion of tasks, you will play a crucial role in helping battle-test the network. This will allow XION to be further optimized and ensure a smooth Mainnet launch. In doing so, you’ll also receive a preview of what the ecosystem has in store and experience the true power of the XION chain.

What is the Early Access Pass?

Below you’ll find all the necessary details to allow you to earn your very own pass. Keep in mind, the pass is only available for a limited time.


Everyone is eligible to participate to try and earn the pass!


In any ecosystem, it is important to reward the early supporters — you. You are the ones that believe in our mission when no one else does. You are the ones taking a leap of faith when others won’t. You are the ones that make it all possible. The Early Access Pass to the XION Public Testnet is the first step along the path to rewarding you, the early supporters.


The Early Access Pass will give holders of the pass an exclusive window of opportunity to access the XION Public Testnet before anyone else. In order to battle-test the XION chain and ensure a successful Mainnet launch, the XION Public Testnet will feature different tasks. Users who complete these tasks will earn different rewards, and Early Access Pass holders will have a chance to earn additional rewards by completing these tasks first.


You will need to complete all of the required tasks below, within the limited time-frame, to earn an Early Access Pass. Note: if you already have the XION Early Supporter role, skip to step 3!

  1. Go to the XION Expedition hosted by Galxe.

  2. Complete the Twitter Supporter and Discord Supporter tasks to earn the first two OATs.

  3. Complete the required tasks to earn your 3rd OAT, the Early Access Pass to the XION Public Testnet.

  4. Go to the Burnt (XION) guild to claim your exclusive roles.

  5. Congrats! You now have the Early Access Pass and access to its exclusive Discord channel.


There is so much more in store on the road to the XION Mainnet, so make sure you follow the Burnt (XION) socials below, grab an Early Access Pass, and turn on your notifications. You don’t want to miss out as more time-limited details are released surrounding the upcoming XION Public Testnet!