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September 13th
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Welcome to BurntSTUDIO

We’re not in Kansas.

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This is a guest post, the original can be found here:

Experiments start with questions. Ours begins with this one:

Can we see crypto beyond black and white?

Gains or losses. Bulls, bears. Boom, bust. Productive or destructive. Good or evil.
It is a technology of multitudes, that has been walking down a binary path.
Everyone picks a side. Yet polarity is the enemy of growth.
We are attempting change. But the results...often blur into greyscale.
The world remains underwhelmed.

And Crypto™ remains largely colorblind its spectrum of potential.
It might not be out of mind. But it is out of our sight.

There's been a lot of talk about needing focus to improve our collective vision.
Focusing harder in the dark isn't working out for us.

BurntSTUDIO is an experiment in bringing new light to crypto and refracting it relentlessly,
until it is not only fully visible, but seen a million times more clearly.

— What we do

BurntSTUDIO is a creative shop dedicated to building products that expand the perception, definition and scale of Web3.

We see this as an exercise in translation: from crypto-talk into cultural relevance. It's a practice that flexes between art and science and so does our team — from brand-builders to developers, strategists to product architects. In partnership with creators, brands and agencies, we're building a stable of projects that instigate meaningful-use of Web3 with new people, in deeper ways.

— How we work

Culturally Oriented, Vertically Integrated

Even the greatest idea cannot survive without the foundation to support it. As a the latest Burnt-led initiative, we are able to leverage it's full capabilities, including XION, the first blockchain and ecosystem purpose-built for consumer-adoption at scale.

Together, STUDIO and XION are working in concert to break down the cultural and functional barriers that still hinder crypto from resonating with society at large. Only then will we have a clear path for Web3 can meet the expectations society demands of us. Joining these initiatives is just the latest step in achieving Burnt's master vision: to advance society’s financial and creative freedom, by any means necessary.


We are a STUDIO in motion

We are brand new, fresh faced and absurdly optimistic. Even so, we’ve been working undercover on a growing portfolio that we invite to get acquainted with at

Finally, and sincerely, don’t hesitate to get in touch; whether you’re curious, questioning, inspired or ready to work. We’re here for all of it. Let’s flow.

Burnt Studio