Burnt Team
January 2nd
  • Xion

XION's 2023 Year In Review

An explosive year of insane growth leading up to a successful 2024 mainnet launch.

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2023 was marked by insane levels of growth, a thriving ecosystem, an extremely successful testnet, all in preparation for a successful 2024 mainnet launch.

Q1 XION Emerges From Stealth

2023 kicked off with enormous excitement. Burnt rebranded, introduced its expanded vision, and revealed the highly-anticipated launch of XION as it exited stealth. XION is the first L1 purpose built for mass consumer adoption through its Generalized Abstraction layer. It is a paradigm shift, paving the way for mainstream adoption of Web3 by enabling seamless user experiences for everyday users.

The Rapid Expansion of the XION Ecosystem

Laying a solid foundation for XION's ecosystem was a major strategic focus alongside its incredible technological innovations. From announcing integrations with the likes of Circle for stables, Axelar for interoperability, SubQuery for indexing, and many more, the XION ecosystem experienced insane growth and established a vibrant ecosystem in less than a year.

The year was also marked by major growth from its backers who aligned with its vision. Circle's strategic investment was announced, as it was revealed that XION is the first layer one blockchain to integrate USDC across its infrastructure stack to enable true mainstream consumer adoption. Circle joined a strong list including Animoca Brands, Multicoin, HashKey, Spartan, Alliance, and more, bringing the total raised to date to $11M.

Skyrocketing Community Engagement

XION's focus on community growth and engagement was also nothing short of spectacular, and the numbers speak for themselves. With a global community spanning across 110+ countries, the Twitter followers reached over 195,000+, there were over 179,000+ XIONEERS who jumped in the Discord, and more than 157,000+ Guild members.

2023 also saw the launch of the highly successful Blaze Syndicate Community Program. The community-led initiative was created to continue growing the community and its impact across many verticals, from regional communities, education, content creation, event planning, business development, and more. New members are always welcome to join the Blaze Syndicate!

In addition, Abstract Conversations was launched. An initiative contributing to industry conversations, providing approachable educational content, and access to the industry's brightest minds hosted by none other than the infamous Burnt Banksy.

Mainnet Preparations & Testnet Successes

The testnet phase was a testament to XION's robustness and readiness for its mainnet launch. From infrastructure optimizations to enormous traction, and successfully onboarding genesis validators, it was a full display of readiness and capability. The testnet achieved over 450,000+ wallets, processed over 3,400,000+ transactions seamlessly, and produced over 3,700,000 blocks without any chain halts.

In addition to its stress-testing, multiple successful audits were conducted by Halborn Security and Oak Security. The combination led to infrastructure optimizations across the entire stack, revamped developer documentation, and continued innovation.

Looking Ahead to 2024

If 2023 was any indication, XION will continue to innovate at a breakneck speed. As XION transitions to mainnet, it will propel the industry towards a new era of innovation and widespread adoption. The journey so far has been nothing short of extraordinary, and it is only the beginning. As XION prepares for its mainnet launch, the industry is set to witness a paradigm shift in adoption, accessibility, and growth.