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February 19th
  • Xion

XION Ecosystem: Aeroscraper

Powered By Generalized Abstraction, Aeroscraper Launches First Consumer-Friendly Stablecoin Lending and Borrowing Application

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We're excited to have Aeroscraper launching on XION today! It's the most user-friendly decentralized stablecoin lending and borrowing experience, all made possible by Generalized Abstraction.

Generalized Abstraction Powering Aeroscraper

The launch of Aeroscraper on XION and the resulting user experience is yet another example of the power of Generalized Abstraction. Aeroscraper is a novel decentralized stablecoin lending-borrowing protocol. Through Generalized Abstraction, Aeroscraper is able to reach a widespread audience given the ease of interactions — users won’t even noticed that it is a Web3 app.

Through XION’s Generalized Abstraction layer, users are able to login to Aeroscraper from any device using simply their email to access their Meta Account. Each time they interact with the protocol, there are no pop-ups or illegible transactions hashes to sign. In addition, through the Parameterized Fee Layer users are provided a completely gasless experience. All of these combine to provide a truly seamless user experience.

How can you test it out?

  1. Head over to

  2. Login in with your Meta Account, navigate to the Faucet tab, and claim funds

    • You will be able to claim AeroScraperTestnet (AST) every 24 hours.

  3. Go to the Trove tab, and use your AST collateral to open up a borrowing position.

  4. Once you’ve acquired Aeroscraper USD (aUSD), you can use it to seed the Stability Pool.

  5. Go to, login with the same Meta Account, and claim your on-chain Aeroscraper Expert badge.

  6. Come back daily to monitor your AST position, claim additional funds, and prepare to climb the Aeroscraper leaderboard launching soon!

    • The price of AST will fluctuate daily, and your collateral’s debt ratio will change. You’ll want to monitor your position, and also liquidate other risky troves. To learn more about the dynamics of the Aeroscraper protocol, please visit:

You can see a full tutorial on how to use the Aeroscraper application on XION from the Aeroscraper team:

Full Tutorial

Generalized Abstraction's Growing Influence

The number of novel use-cases enabled by Generalized Abstraction are growing at an incredible pace. The success of XION's recent Abstractathon was a clear indicator of the developer demand for this powerful infrastructure. Aeroscraper’s launch today is just one more visible example of XION’s ability to make complex applications available and useable by mainstream audiences. Through its Generalized Abstraction layer, XION is enabling developers to build application that are accessible by all users, everywhere. In doing so, it is paving the way for the biggest wave of consumer adoption to date.