Burnt Team
August 29th
  • Xion

XION Ecosystem: Axelar Integration

XION Integrates Axelar to Expand Cross-Chain Interoperability and Accelerate Web3 Adoption

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XION has integrated Axelar, an industry-leading secure interchain community protocol with Turing-complete composability. This marks a major cross-chain interoperability unlock, enabling XION to natively connect to over 40 other chains including the largest ecosystems such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Base, Polygon, and more.

Axelar Overview

Axelar is a blockchain that connects blockchains, enabling cross-chain composability and ensuring seamless & secure liquidity bridging. With Axelar’s secure cross-chain communication, developers can build without having to consider the tradeoffs between high-quality solutions and silos of users and liquidity.

Axelar’s security approach begins with proof-of-stake decentralized design: the same battle-tested consensus method that secures most of the chains Axelar connects. It also has the largest, dynamic validator set of any interoperability protocol and validator security policies include mandatory key rotations. The Axelar network has securely processed billions in transactions, powers hundreds of protocols and applications, and has worked closely with businesses such as Microsoft and Mastercard.

What This Integration Means

XION is the first chain purpose built for retail adoption and aims to abstract away all the complexities of crypto in order to make Web3 accessible to non-technical users. The Axelar integration paves the way for a rich ecosystem that taps into numerous chains, broadening XION's reach. In addition to ushering in a new era of interconnectivity, leveraging Axelar allows XION to enhance both the developer and user experience.

Through General Message Passing (GMP), developers building consumer-facing apps on XION have the ability to build interchain-native applications that make cross-chain function calls and synchronize state in a way that is completely abstracted for the user. This ensures developers remain connected to the expansive crypto ecosystem while harnessing the unique functionalities of the XION chain. It extends to the user experience as well, bringing forward digital asset liquidity, a plethora of cross-chain assets, and delivering unparalleled one-click user experiences.

The Future In Store

This testnet integration marks an important milestone, unlocking a wide-range of cross-chain use cases including asset swaps that simplify purchases, innovative cross-chain NFT usage, and new avenues for social and gaming interoperability. In addition, the upcoming Axelar Virtual Machine is yet another technological development that will further enhance seamless user experiences throughout the XION ecosystem and beyond.

XION and Axelar share a common mission - onboarding the next wave of mass consumer adoption by making Web3 accessible to all users. As both ecosystems continue to grow and expand, this integration paves the way for a future replete with collaborations dedicated to achieving the goal of bringing Web3 to the masses.