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February 5th
  • Xion

XION Ecosystem: Band Protocol Integration

Band Protocol Integrates XION, Elevating On-Chain Data for Consumer Applications

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Band Protocol has integrated XION, providing high-speed data queries, cross-chain compatibility, and customizable data feeds. This enables developers on XION to utilize reliable on-chain data to build innovative use-cases capable of reaching widespread audiences. 

Band and XION Overview

Band Protocol is a cross-chain decentralized data oracle platform that has raised over $10 million, including backing from leading investors such as Binance Labs and Sequoia. It simplifies the integration of high-fidelity, real-world data into smart contracts without relying on a single point of failure. Developers are able to integrate customizable data feeds, oracle scripts, as well as its VRF (verifiable randomness function). This is especially useful to developers building on XION, a layer one blockchain purpose-built for consumer applications by enshrining UX at the protocol level. Its Generalized Abstraction layer enables intuitive and user-friendly experiences, bridges the gap between mainstream users and the technical complexities of blockchain technology, thereby making Web3 apps more accessible. 

Empowering & Attracting Builders on XION

Band Protocol’s integration with XION provides developers with access to Band’s decentralized price feed data, offering the reliability and real-time market information necessary for building innovative, user-friendly applications. A notable example is Band’s EUR price feed, which supports XION's user-centric fiat denomination, allowing real-time pricing in local currencies and thus broadening Web3 applications' appeal to a diverse consumer base. This can be further extended to other fiat price feeds as well, making XION’s accessibility truly global.

The integration of Band Protocol into XION's architecture further attracts developers focused on bridging the gap between complex blockchain technology and mainstream audiences. As a Layer 1 blockchain designed for consumer applications, XION places a strong emphasis on user experience (UX). The incorporation of Band's advanced data-feed services enhances the ability for developers on XION to deliver such global, user-friendly experiences in a secure environment. This makes XION a compelling choice for developers pushing the boundaries of consumer-centric Web3 applications, and aiming to engage a broader, more diverse audience.

Continued Innovation

Currently, XION is hosting the ABSTRACTATHON, the first online XION hackathon. With Band Protocol as the official oracle provider of this hackathon, it provides an excellent opportunity for developers to actively engage with and leverage Band’s solutions. Developers looking to integrate Band’s data feeds into their XION projects can follow the guides found here and those interested can join the XION hackathon below.

In addition, the integration actively being worked on for Band’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) capabilities will further expand the range of possibilities for developers on XION. Combining its Generalized Abstraction and robust integrations, XION continues to pave the way for developers to build unparalleled consumer-friendly applications.