Burnt Team
August 11th
  • Xion

XION Ecosystem: Burnt x Bonfida

Bonfida and Burnt’s Strategic Collaboration to Advance Cross-Chain Identities

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Burnt is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Bonfida, an industry-leading global domain name provider that is enhancing the world of decentralized identities.

About Bonfida

Bonfida has been a key player in the Solana Ecosystem since its inception, having deployed a vast array of products from providing early API services, hosting the flagship DEX, token swapping, vesting, staking, and more. They also pioneered the Solana Name Service (SNS), a decentralized name service providing a way for users to represent themselves uniquely on Solana and establish their on-chain reputations.

Bonfida’s flagship product has since grown to become the de facto name service throughout all major Solana protocols, wallets, and recently integrating natively with Brave browser. SNS allows users to own and control their identities through human-readable names mapping directly to their on-chain addresses, and has achieved over 225,000 registered domains and millions in transaction volume.

Aligned Visions

Burnt and Bonfida are both strongly aligned in their vision of accelerating Web3 adoption and on-chain ownership. Both ecosystems believe that improving the user experience is key to attracting new audiences, and are tackling the current UX hurdles in various ways.

Burnt is building XION, the first layer 1 blockchain purpose-built for consumer adoption by abstracting away the complexities of crypto. Through its consumer-facing toolkits consisting of native account abstraction, direct credit/debit card purchasing, gasless transactions, fiat denominated products, and more, XION empowers developers, brands, creators, and users to create and enjoy frictionless Web3 experiences. Similarly, Bonfida’s work on human-readable identities aims to make crypto more approachable and user friendly.

Strategic Collaboration

This strategic collaboration is a continuation of prior work between Burnt and Bonfida, having previously worked together to integrate Twitter handles with on-chain identities, SNS, and launching the Bonfida Wolves NFTs. Since then, Bonfida has been working to bring SNS cross-chain, integrating with prominent ecosystems such as Binance. Burnt will explore the integration of Bonfida’s SNS into XION products, allowing all SNS holders to seamlessly use their .sol domains throughout the XION ecosystem.

Additionally, bringing the XION and Solana ecosystems closer together paves the way for additional cross-chain synergies, especially as they relate to global decentralized identities. Burnt is excited to collaborate with Bonfida to continue to bridge community gaps across ecosystems, improve the cross-chain user experience, and push Web3 adoption to new heights. You can learn more about Bonfida on their website, Twitter, and Discord.