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February 13th
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XION Ecosystem: Halborn

Elite Cybersecurity Firm Halborn Becomes Key XION Ecosystem Security Partner

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We’re thrilled to announce that Halborn, an elite cybersecurity firm and one of the industry’s most respected security experts, is becoming a key XION ecosystem security partner. Halborn raised $90M in their Series A and boasts an impressive portfolio of clients such as Solana, Circle, Mattel, Yuga Labs, Animoca Brands, Coinbase Asset Management, Polygon, and more.

Cybersecurity Landscape & XION's Emphasis on Security

The landscape of hacks in the industry over the past five years has been marked by a significant evolution in both the scale and sophistication of attacks. This period has seen a notable increase in the diversity of targets – ranging from DeFi platforms, exchanges, to cross-chain bridges – reflecting the broadening scale of cyber theft. These incidents have underscored vulnerabilities in smart contract design, operational security, and the challenges posed by the inherent complexities of decentralized systems. In addition, the industry has seen a shift towards more personalized and stealthy methods of cyber threat through the rise of phishing attacks, exploit kits, and advanced persistent threats.

The financial implications of these breaches have been monumental, often resulting in the loss of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. This trend not only reflects the growing pains of an emerging technology but also emphasizes the critical need for enhanced security measures, regulatory frameworks, and community-driven initiatives to bolster the resilience of the crypto ecosystem against such threats. Through the efforts of industry leading security firms such as Halborn, many potentially disastrous hacks have also been mitigated. The importance of a holistic approach to security audits, which don’t focus solely on the smart contract code but also take into account external factors and security practices of projects, has been an important factor in Halborn’s success in mitigating against the breadth of exploits.

Keenly aware of the growing threats, and given XION’s focus on onboarding the mainstream, it is no surprise that security is of utmost importance. This focus on security is also crucial in creating the trust and confidence required to onboard retail users, which the industry has failed to do. While XION’s Generalized Abstraction seeks to abstract away all complexities for end-users, it does so without sacrificing on the safety of their assets and interactions. 

Halborn Becomes XION Ecosystem Security Partner

Joining forces with industry leaders such as Halborn is just one of many ways that XION ensures the integrity and security of the network remains uncompromised. Halborn is an elite cybersecurity firm founded in 2019 by Steven Walbroehl and Rob Behnke that has quickly risen to prominence within the crypto-security space. Their impressive portfolio of clients, combined with a track record that includes discovering five massive zero days affecting key projects like MetaMask and Bitcoin as well as discovering 5000+ highly-critical findings, highlights their deep industry expertise.

“At Halborn, we are excited to bring in our team of cybersecurity experts to safeguard XION—the first L1 blockchain built for consumer adoption. Our team is looking forward to leveraging our security expertise in securing their ecosystem." - Rob Behnke, Halborn CEO

Having previously completed comprehensive security audits on core XION chain infrastructure, Halborn’s influence is expanding to encompass all application developers within the ecosystem. Halborn's commitment to supporting these developers includes both audit discounts and priority queuing, aiming to make high-level security assessments more accessible throughout the ecosystem. In addition, Halborn will continue their active involvement in ecosystem-building activities such as the current Abstracthathon and future hackathons. This multifaceted approach will continue to ensure the security of the XION network, as well as cultivating a culture of security-first development among its developers.

Going Forward

As the XION ecosystem continues to expand rapidly, its emphasis on security remains unwavering especially with new threats emerging with increasing complexity. Maintaining the highest standards of security is a necessity and working closely with industry leaders such as Halborn ensures that XION's infrastructure and applications are fortified against an ever-evolving array of cyber threats. In addition, the increased opportunity for XION ecosystem projects to receive access to and support from an elite security firm like Halborn cannot be overstated. It offers an invaluable opportunity for these projects to enhance their security posture from the outset, embedding best practices and robust security measures into their core operations. Together, XION and Halborn will continue to cultivate a secure, resilient, and thriving ecosystem that attracts, protects, and retains users.


Founded in 2019 by Steven Walbroehl and Rob Behnke, Halborn is an award-winning, elite cybersecurity for emerging technologies. Halborn raised $90M in its Series A, and is trusted by Solana, Circle, Mattel, Yuga Labs, Animoca Brands, Coinbase Asset Management, Polygon and more. It has served over 250+ satisfied clients, discovered over 5000+ high-critical findings, and 5 massive zero days involving MetaMask, CosmWasm and Bitcoin. Halborn also has received certifications for OSWE, OSCE, CISSP, AWS and is the exclusive author and educator of SANS SEC 554 + SEC 556.

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