Burnt Team
March 1st
  • Xion

XION Ecosystem: Moseiki

Moseiki Unveils First User-Friendly Decentralized Social Network, Powered by Generalized Abstraction

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We're thrilled to announce the launch of Moseiki on XION!

It is the first user-friendly decentralized social network, combining Web2 interfaces with Web3 technologies and AI. With Generalized Abstraction under the hood, Moseiki guarantees true content ownership and accessibility for all.

Moseiki: Powered by Generalized Abstraction

Moseiki's launch on XION is another showcase of Generalized Abstraction's ability to make products accessible to all, and for the first time enable the true benefits of Web3 for social use-cases. While the promises of decentralized social networks have long been talked about, the complexities involved have created guardrails and siloed users. The only true way to reimagine content ownership through the power of Web3 is by making it accessible to all, and that is exactly what Moseiki is doing.

Join Moseiki Today

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Visit the Moseiki App and log in with your Meta Account.

  2. Confirm your email to create your personalized profile.

  3. Choose your unique handle and claim it to start your Moseiki journey.

  4. Invite two or more friends using your referral link to secure additional handles.

  5. Once you've secure at least 2 Moseiki handles, you become eligible to mint the Early Bird badge, which will provide early access to future Moseiki releases.

  6. Stay tuned as Moseiki continues to unveil one of the most exciting decentralized social network applications!

Growing Web3 Social Use-Cases

XION's focus from the start has been to enable consumer applications to flourish. Moseiki's launch on XION is yet another indicator of the growing influence of Generalized Abstraction in making this possible. As we continue to witness the expansion of XION's ecosystem, Moseiki is an exciting social example that is taking Web3 benefits, and for the first time being able to provide them to broad audiences.