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April 30th
  • Xion

XION Ecosystem: Notifi Integration

Notifi Empowers XION Ecosystem Applications with Seamless Notification Capabilities

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Notifi has integrated XION, enabling apps built in the XION ecosystem to provide seamless notifications to their users. By leveraging Notifi's powerful capabilities, application builders within the ecosystem can enhance user engagement, deliver timely updates, and create more intuitive and interactive experiences for their users. 

Notifi: Empowering Web3 Communication

Notifi is a cutting-edge notification service designed to streamline communication and boost engagement within Web3 applications. With a strong focus on supporting developers of decentralized applications (dApps), Notifi enables projects to effortlessly integrate robust notification features, allowing them to concentrate on their core offerings while ensuring effective communication with their users.

Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred communication channels, such as in-app notifications, Telegram, Discord, and Email, ensuring they receive updates through the medium that suits them best. Notifi's white-label integration with XION  features a custom UI and alerts tailored specifically to these platforms. Additionally, the introduction of anonymous in-app notifications and alert history allows users to maintain their anonymity while still receiving critical updates, eliminating the need to sign up for push notifications on traditional channels.

Empowering dApp Developers with Notifi Admin

For developers building dApps on XION, Notifi offers a game-changing solution that eliminates the need to build notification systems from scratch. With the newly released Notifi Admin, developers can:

  1. Monitor all on-chain and off-chain data at scale, ensuring comprehensive oversight of their dApp's activities.

  2. Implement "Plug & Play" notification solutions effortlessly, saving time and resources.

  3. Ensure enterprise-grade security for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) management, protecting user data.

  4. Gain valuable marketing insights to grow and engage their communities effectively.

Notifi's proven track record, with numerous integrations in the Web3 space, makes it an ideal choice for developers seeking to simplify their development process and focus on delivering exceptional user experiences. Notifi's developer-friendly SDK makes it easy to integrate notifications into your project. Some of the popular notifications developers have enabled include:

  • Wallet Transactions and Balance Changes

  • Liquidation Alerts and Loan Repayment Reminders

  • Trading and Price Change Alerts

  • Staking Reward Reminders and Rate Updates

  • NFT and Marketplace Auction Alerts

  • DAO Proposal Updates

  • Marketing Announcements, and more!

DApps looking to scale their communications and events monitoring can get started immediately with Notifi Admin. Simply create a Notifi Admin account to begin leveraging its powerful features.

Enhanced Notification Capabilities Live on BonusBlock

The first Notifi integration in the XION ecosystem is live on BonusBlock. Through the integration, BonusBlock users can now enjoy a range of alerts and notifications, keeping them informed and engaged:

  1. Announcements: Stay up to date with official announcements from both platforms, ensuring you never miss crucial updates.

  2. Alpha Alerts: Receive timely notifications about ongoing campaigns and marketplace developments, giving you an edge in the fast-paced world of Web3.

  3. Rewards: Get notified about exciting reward opportunities and special giveaways, maximizing your chances of benefiting from the ecosystem's offerings.


The integration of Notifi into the XION ecosystem marks another step in our mission to create a more connected, informed, and approachable Web3 experience. By providing users with seamless notification capabilities and empowering developers with powerful tools to enhance their dApps, XION makes Web3 applications more intuitive and familiar. In doing so, it continues to pave the way towards making Web3 accessible to everyone.