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April 25th
  • Xion

XION Launches User-First Chain Abstraction

Extending XION’s ease-of-use with seamless composability of users, apps, and liquidity across connected ecosystems, starting with Injective.

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The launch of XION’s user-friendly Chain Abstraction solution marks a major industry milestone. 

XION’s Chain Abstraction is a groundbreaking innovation extending the blockchain’s ease-of-use with seamless composability of users, apps, and liquidity across connected ecosystems, starting with Injective. Today’s launch, in collaboration with the Nomos team, enables users on XION to interact with Injective’s premier NFT marketplace, Talis. Users can interact with Talis without the need to understand cross-chain bridging, browser plugins, seed phrases, gas fees, and incomprehensible transaction signing - they can even participate from their phone.

Web3 Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

The XION blockchain aims to make Web3 usable for all users by abstracting away its inherent complexities. It does so through its Generalized Abstraction solution that integrates blockchain functionalities such as account abstraction, signature abstraction, and fee abstraction, directly into the protocol layer. This enables developers to build user-friendly applications accessible by everyone.

XION enables users to easily onboard onto apps built on its chain using familiar Web2 methods such as email. Unlike typical crypto wallets, its accounts enable users to interact with apps seamlessly across desktop, mobile, and many other devices. In addition, to further provide a familiar Web2 experience, concepts such as gas fees are abstracted away from end users. Through XION’s capabilities to abstract interoperability, it further extends these functionalities to connected ecosystems.

Chain Abstraction Launch

Today’s Chain Abstraction launch built in collaboration with the Nomos team, is an extension of these functionalities to other connected blockchain ecosystems. In the past, cross-chain usability has been notoriously difficult for users to navigate, and has unfortunately resulted in high levels of fragmentation across ecosystems. However, with Chain Abstraction, XION aims to reshape the historically competitive nature of L1s – who typically fight for users, liquidity, and developers – to enable mainstream adoption. Through the inaugural integration with Injective, users can utilize Talis with their XION account, without needing to grapple with complexities typically associated with blockchain applications. 

This demonstration is made possible through Nomos’ combination of XION’s Generalized Abstraction with its interchain capabilities (ICA controller). Meta Accounts are smart contract accounts on XION, capable of controlling smart contract accounts on connected blockchains. When a user takes an action on an application deployed on another chain, XION’s Meta Account initiates a transaction that travels cross chain. This transaction then triggers the smart contract account on the connected chain to initiate an action on the application. In essence, enabling users to seamlessly interact across all ecosystems in a user-friendly way, and from one account.

Why Start with Injective?

XION and Injective have stood at the cutting edge of technological innovation in the industry since inception.

Injective is a blockchain built specifically for finance. It is incubated by Binance and has raised over $56M+ from leading institutions such as Jump Crypto, Pantera, and Mark Cuban. Injective offers lightning fast transaction times, plug-and-play modules for developers, low fees alongside compatibility with leading Layer 1 protocols such as Ethereum and Solana. The recent launch of its inEVM rollup has further expanded Injective's capabilities, as it now supports multiple execution environments, including SVM and CosmVM.

While Injective has pioneered the availability of modular building blocks for high-performance finance applications, XION is the first chain to enshrine UX directly at the protocol level in order to make Web3 accessible to non-technical audiences. Today’s launch demonstrates the ability for developers to build, launch, and scale user-friendly Web3 products from the ground up that are composable across both ecosystems. This not only lowers barriers of entry for new users into the industry, it also addresses cross-ecosystem fragmentation challenges faced by developers. 

In working together to bridge the gap between ecosystems, and enable seamless composability through XION’s chain abstraction capabilities, both projects are cementing themselves as true catalysts capable of bringing accessible Web3 to the world. The integration will enable the seamless flow of users and assets throughout both ecosystems, enhancing liquidity and in turn creating a variety of novel cross-ecosystem use-cases. In addition, XION’s Generalized Abstraction solution will facilitate frictionless application composability throughout both ecosystems, as the gap is bridged between technical complexity and user accessibility.

A Major Industry Milestone

With the launch of Chain Abstraction, XION aims to reshape the historically competitive nature of L1’s – who typically fight for users, liquidity, and developers – to enable mainstream adoption.

“Just like the internet, users shouldn’t need to know which infrastructure applications they are using are built on. All that matters is that it works,” said Burnt Banksy, a core contributor to XION. He added, “we’re proud to launch Chain Abstraction as it vastly accelerates XION’s impact in making Web3 accessible to all users.”

The Chain Abstraction integration with Injective, and subsequently other ecosystems, opens up new avenues for mainstream adoption of Web3 by lowering the barriers to entry for new users, and providing them access to an interconnected ecosystem of apps and liquidity. It empowers applications to operate flawlessly regardless of the underlying execution environment, be it EVM, SVM, or other. 

For users, this means a smoother and more intuitive interaction with decentralized applications, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. In addition, the unparalleled fluidity in users and assets, as well as the cross-chain composability of applications, opens up new exciting avenues for novel innovation. XION and Nomos will progressively roll out user-friendly Chain Abstraction to many more ecosystems.

Experience the Future of Web3 Today

Interested users can try XION’s Chain Abstraction on testnet here. You’ll have the ability to experience the future of Web3 as you interact with Injective’s premier marketplace, Talis, without needing to grapple with complexities such as cross-chain bridging, browser plugins, seed phrases, gas fees, and transaction signing. In addition, through XION’s Generalized Abstraction, you’ll have the ability to do so from all your devices, including mobile.


Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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Nomos is transforming blockchain usability with its cutting-edge interchain capabilities, which address the difficulty of navigating across multiple blockchains. It offers tools to create and deploy cross-chain applications, thereby promoting a more interconnected ecosystem to facilitate wider adoption of blockchain technology by making it more user-friendly.

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Talis is the premier NFT marketplace on Injective, and the first native token to the Injective network. It pioneers the field of NFT Finance (NFT FI) within the Injective ecosystem through its innovative marketplace, powerful tools, and dynamic fee accrual mechanism.