Burnt Team
June 14th
  • Xion

XION Public Testnet: Early Access Launch

The Burnt team is excited to reveal the XION Public Testnet: Early Access Launch!

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The Burnt team is excited to reveal the XION Public Testnet: Early Access Launch!

What does it mean?

This launch marks an important step on the road to Mainnet. The release is the culmination of a tremendous amount of work beginning a groundbreaking journey into the XION ecosystem. It is an opportunity to engage core features of XION’s bespoke Layer-1 infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, while continuously improving its decentralization.

The Early Access Launch would not have been possible without the amazing effort of collaboration among XION’s partners, investors, builders, validators, and most importantly community. Every single contributor into the XION ecosystem to date has helped to reimagine the future of Web3 being built here.

XION Public Testnet: Overview

The XION Public Testnet will be a series of both on-chain and off-chain phases. These will allow you to dive deeply into the XION ecosystem and explore all that it has to offer. In addition, you will play a crucial role in helping to ensure a smooth Mainnet launch by pushing the network to its very limits.

Burnt, the core development team behind XION, has made a commitment since the very beginning to expand the impact of Web3 beyond the current technical confines. Burnt believes in the ability of Web3 to re-balance the distribution of power, agency, and financial cooperation at scale. It is for this reason that Burnt helped created XION — to remove Web3’s technical barriers to entry and rebuild broken systems of ownership.

XION Public Testnet: Early Access Launch

The Early Access Launch will provide you with the initial glimpse into experiencing the revolutionary power of the XION chain, as you engage in your first hands-on experience. As part of the launch, you will have the chance to become an early member to the first product deployed on the chain, which will serve as a core pillar of the XION Expedition and wider ecosystem.

When can you participate?

  • Day: Starting Tuesday, June 20th

  • Time: The exact time for claiming your spot will only be announced in the private Early Access Pass channel in the Burnt (XION) Discord!

  • How: The Early Access Launch will go live with a limited number of spots to ensure a smooth ramp-up of the product. Participants will have the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards. How to access it will also only be revealed in the private Early Access Pass channel in the Burnt (XION) Discord.

(If you haven’t yet earned yourself an Early Access Pass, please go here to learn how to qualify.)

Final Remarks

We look forward to welcoming Early Access Pass holders onto the platform as you get your first sneak peak into the only Layer-1 purpose built for mass consumer adoption! Make sure to stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates.