Burnt Team
August 17th
  • Xion

XION Public Testnet: Open Launch

The XION Public Testnet is now open to the public!

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We’re thrilled to announce the XION Public Testnet is now open to the public! The XION testnet is one of the most anticipated launches of the summer and today’s opening marks another major milestone on its path towards Mainnet.


Burnt, the development team behind XION, believes in the ability of Web3 to re-balance the distribution of power, agency, and financial cooperation at scale. Just like the internet, users shouldn’t be required to understand all the technical intricacies of how it works in order to benefit from its use. XION embodies this vision, ensuring that participants from all backgrounds, whether tech-savvy or not, can participate in the future of decentralized platforms. Through continuous feedback and active community involvement in the XION Expedition and future developments, XION aims to set a new standard in Web3 usability, transparency, and engagement. We couldn’t be more excited for you to play a part in the development and successful launch of the first L1 blockchain purpose-built for mass consumer adoption.

XION Expedition

The XION Expedition has been launched as a unique opportunity for users to embark on an exploration of the ecosystem, contribute to its growth, and experience firsthand the functionality and innovation that the XION chain brings. By participating, you will engage in a series of both on-chain and off-chain phases allowing you to dive deeply into the XION ecosystem and explore all that it has to offer. In addition, as an early user you will play a crucial role in helping to ensure a smooth Mainnet launch by pushing the network to its very limits.

Early Access Launch

It was incredible to see the immense enthusiasm, engagement, and traffic received during the Early Access Launch phase. Only the Early Access Pass holders had access, and there were tens of thousands of unique verified wallets created, which required users to confirm their email with a one-time-passcode. The private launch was instrumental in engaging and refining some of the core features behind XION’s bespoke infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and scaling, and we are thankful for the crucial participation of the Early Access Pass holders.

Open Launch

Today we’re excited to unveil the Open Launch, inviting all users to begin experiencing the groundbreaking capabilities of the XION chain firsthand and dive into an unparalleled user-friendly journey. You will have the opportunity to become a member of one of the first products deployed on the chain, which will be key to unlocking upcoming opportunities. Through the platform’s use of XION’s native account abstraction, you’ll also be able to engage seamlessly whether on desktop or mobile.

How can you participate?

  • When: Today!

  • Where:

  • How: Visit the link above to start engaging. Once successfully signed up, you’ll also become eligible to claim a XION Expedition participation OAT. More details can be found here.

Looking Ahead

Today is a major milestone towards the successful launch of the XION mainnet - the public’s first chance to access and interact with the XION chain. More importantly, it is one step closer in XION’s mission of ushering the next wave of mass Web3 adoption. Over the coming weeks more information will be revealed alongside exciting launches, new interactions, and ways you can contribute so make sure to stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates.