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April 12th
  • Xion

The XION Testnet Is Here

Testing and Development Grounds for the XION Ecosystem

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Today marks a significant milestone in the development of the Xion ecosystem as we launch The XION Testnet in its purest form, acting as a traditional testnet. With the onboarding of validators, we are taking a major step towards realizing our vision for a decentralized future that prioritizes user experience, accessibility, and scalability.

A More Robust Test Environment

While we have been running a 4-node internal validator set internally, today’s launch of The XION Testnet allows us to expand our testing capabilities and further refine the key aspects of the chain and the products we have been building. This phase of testing will help us identify areas of improvement and ensure that all components are functioning optimally.

Key Features of The XION Testnet

During this testnet phase, we will be focusing on a variety of critical components, including:

  1. Custom logic upgrades: We will be testing our upgraded mint module and fee distribution system, ensuring seamless integration within the XION ecosystem.

  2. User experience testing: We will continue working with users on the testnet version of our product to make sure all components work as expected and provide the best possible experience.

  3. IBC connections: We will test and optimize the IBC connections we have established, ensuring seamless interoperability with other networks and products.

Stay Connected & Get Involved

Beyond this phase, The XION Testnet will continue to be an arena for partners and developers of all backgrounds to explore the various features and components of the XION ecosystem.

Be sure to join our Discord to get the first news about all things XION, including our roadmap to Mainnet and beyond.

Incipit Vita Nova.