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February 8th
  • Xion

XION Ecosystem: BetFi Launch

BetFi Launches First Consumer-Friendly Web3 Gaming Casino

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BetFi, the first consumer-friendly Web3 gaming casino, launches on XION!

It is another powerful, visible example of Generalized Abstraction in action. It combines XION's meta accounts and parameterized fee layer to enable gameplay that is truly seamless and accessible across all devices, and to all audiences. Players won’t even realize that the game is fully on-chain. There are no seed phrases, no constant popups, no confusing transactions, no crypto jargon — only pure fun & gameplay.

Generalized Abstraction Powering BetFi

How is Generalized Abstraction powering BetFi in the backend? Below are a few of the innovations in action:

It utilizes Meta Accounts & Device Abstraction to provide the:

  • Ability to login using the same account previously created on other apps or devices. You’ll notice that after claiming an item on BonusBlock with your Meta Account, you’re able to claim from the faucet on BetFi.

  • Ability to login using familiar methods, using simply your email and with no seed phrase needed.

  • Ability to interact without pop-ups or having to sign illegible transaction hashes, especially each time you place a bet.

  • Ability to play on BetFi from your phone, your computer, or even your friend’s computer without seed-phrase transportation security risks.

It utilizes the Parameterized Fee Layer to provide the:

  • Ability to play an on-chain game, claim, and bet without needing a gas token.

  • Ability to place bets through transaction sponsoring, without users worrying about gas fees.

How can you start playing?

  1. First, head over to to claim your Faucet Pass

  2. Next, head over to to claim test funds

    1. You will be able to claim USD on testnet every 24 hours. (These are testnet tokens, they have no value.)

  3. Start playing! Go to

  4. Earn the ‘High Roller’ badge on BonusBlock once you’ve bet a cumulative 25+ testnet USD. Lost all your money? Come back the next day to try again!

  5. Join BetFi’s weekly competitions for the most USD earned and bets placed!

Below is a quick step by step tutorial on how to use the BetFi platform once you’ve acquired funds:

  • You’ve claimed USD from the faucet, and now you navigate to to play.

  • First, you select your lucky numbers from the board. You can select individual numbers, regions of the board, or colors.

  • Next, you can edit the value of each bet placed. The minimum starts at 0.1USD and the maximum at 100USD.

  • Once you’re ready, press on Place Bet. Other players will have 30 seconds to place there bets, before the pot closes and the result is revealed.

  • Run out of funds? Come back in 24 hours to claim some more!

For a full video tutorial on how to play, please see the video demonstration from the BetFi team:

BetFi Tutorial

Continued Innovation

XION is very unique in the sense that its incredible technological innovations and the use-cases unlocked by its Generalized Abstraction are visible. Users can see and feel the difference right away when interacting with Web3 apps built on XION. In many cases, they may not even realize that these apps are on the blockchain! Through Generalized Abstraction, XION will keep pushing boundaries and bring the entire industry to new heights.