Burnt Team
July 28th
  • Xion

XION Ecosystem: Burnt x SAGA

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Xion Ecosystem.

Burnt is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Saga, an industry-leading scalability protocol that will continue to advance the XION ecosystem’s rapid growth. They’ve previously partnered with other top-tier ecosystems such as Polygon, Avalanche, and Celestia to accelerate the growth of gaming and entertainment.

About Saga

Saga is building Web3 infrastructure solutions to enable developers to build applications with their own dedicated blockspace. This ensures high throughput, no dependencies on other applications using Saga, easy upgradability and congestion relief. In addition, gas fees for infrastructure remain predictable and are by default hidden from the end user, allowing developers to use any token or currency for their applications. The automated deployment of dedicated blockspace is secured via interchain security by the same set of validators that underlie the Saga mainnet.

Strategic Collaboration

Burnt and SAGA are both strongly aligned in their vision of accelerating Web3 adoption by improving the user experience. Burnt is building XION, the first layer 1 blockchain purpose-built for consumer adoption by abstracting away the complexities of crypto. Through its consumer-facing toolkits consisting of native account abstraction, direct credit/debit card purchasing, gasless transactions, fiat denominated products, and more, XION empowers developers, brands, creators, and users to create and enjoy frictionless Web3 experiences.

As the XION ecosystem continues to expand rapidly, Burnt will be exploring the use of Saga’s chainlet infrastructure as a potential scaling solution. Additionally, bringing the XION ecosystem and the Saga Multiverse closer together paves the way for future cross-chain synergies and the unlocking of novel use-cases in gaming and entertainment. We’re excited to collaborate with Saga to continue to bring the user experience and Web3 adoption to new heights.

You can learn more about Saga’s approach to blockchain communication here, and can follow their progress on Twitter, or join their Discord.