Burnt Team
October 18th
  • Xion

XION Learning Series: Cultural Barriers

Exploring the cultural barriers XION is designed to break down.

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There's been a lot of discourse about Web3's mainstream potential for years, yet it seems we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to user adoption. In a previous blog post we raised the question:

If everyone is looking for the benefits of decentralized ownership, why is the industry still struggling so hard to find the path to mass-adoption?”

In our eyes, there are two challenges — removing both functional and cultural barriers. We built XION to create an ecosystem that addresses both. In our previous installment, we discussed some of the Functional Barriers that XION seeks to break down. This installment in the Learning Series will focus on the cultural challenges, and how XION’s unique infrastructure is strategically positioned to resolve them.

The Ownership Paradigm Shift

Part of the allure of Web3 stems from its transformative shift from traditional read/write dynamics to a more empowering read/write/own framework. The cooperative benefits offered by Web3 are a catalyst for positive change, especially when they meet societal needs head-on. Our conviction at Burnt lies in harnessing these cooperative aspects of Web3 to spawn a cultural renaissance, fostering shared ownership, collaboration, and prioritizing communal prosperity over individual gain. Yet, despite the promise of this transformative shift, the industry finds itself in a complex struggle to carve a definitive path towards mainstream adoption.

Cultural Barriers as Roadblocks in Adoption

The journey into the realm of crypto can often feel like stepping into another universe. It is filled with unfamiliar terminology, a confusing maze of ecosystems / apps / tokens, complex user experiences, and as a result proves overly challenging for newcomers. Moreover, the public perception of crypto is mired by the misdeeds of bad actors, front-page news of high-profile scams, and overwhelming complexities for everyday users. It therefore comes as no surprise that the chasm between mainstream appeal and current offerings keep widening.

Bridging the Gap

From the start, Burnt has employed a holistic strategy in designing XION to tackle the linguistic, experiential, and technical complexities that inhibit understanding and trust in this new digital frontier — barriers that currently deter everyday users from participating. Our approach to tackling the cultural barriers include:

  • Communication: Through a first-principles approach, we're either breaking down complex concepts into their most basic, understandable forms, or abstracting them entirely. We're committed to simplifying and removing technical jargon and industry-specific terms — aiming for clarity and relatability in both interfaces and communications — which is crucial to enhancing the user experience and enabling wider participation.

  • Credibility: In light of the prevailing skepticism surrounding crypto, establishing trust is one of the most important factors in attracting widespread audiences. This is why we’ve strategically aligned with renowned entities both inside and outside the crypto sphere. Whether through leading investors such as Animoca and Circle, or partnerships with the likes of Web2 juggernauts, Stytch, and Stripe — a tremendous amount of work has gone into growing the XION ecosystem to become a beacon of credibility in the industry.

  • Abstraction: XION’s unique infrastructure, which abstracts away all complexities for end-users, plays a pivotal role in dismantling not just the functional barriers, but the cultural ones as well. For example, abstracting away the concept of gas from the end-user vastly reduces the complexity of interactions and the user education traditionally required in order for users to successfully interact with apps. As another example, by being the first chain to fully integrate USDC across the infrastructure stack, XION is able to provide users with assets denominated in a familiar currency while simultaneously reducing unwanted volatility and speculation. Through its many technological abstractions, XION grounds the user experience in familiarity, stability, and simplicity.

In Conclusion

The age-old saying "if you build it, they will come" is a half-truth in the realm of Web3. Creating robust, functional infrastructure is just one piece of the puzzle. To truly usher in mass adoption, we must also construct the experiential layer that users interact with, ensuring it's as intuitive and welcoming as the platforms they are accustomed to in the Web2 world. To that end, Burnt’s mission transcends mere technological advancement; it’s setting the stage for a cultural revolution. XION is at the epicenter, poised to be the catalyst for industry adoption at scale.